Like Father, Like Son

Series: The Gospel of John

Like Father, Like Son

October 14, 2018 | Jesse Herring

Passage: John 5:18-24

Main Idea: Jesus is EQUAL to the Father, so we must HONOR the SON.

  1. The SON does what the FATHER does (v. 19-20)
      • They are in HARMONY with each other.
      • Based on a UNION of LOVE
      • So we may MARVEL

2.   The Son has the AUTHORITY the Father has (v. 21-22)

      • To give LIFE
      • To JUDGE men

3.  The Son deserves the HONOR the Father deserves (v. 23-24)

      • You cannot HONOR the FATHER if you do not HONOR the SON

Series Information

An Expositional Series Through The Gospel of John

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